Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fun with Food

Tonight Mommy and I made a big ol' mess while Daddy worked late. Since I kept grabbing the empty juice glasses and tried to drink out of them, Mommy decided to give me my own - before I broke (another) one). It took a couple of tries to get it; and when Daddy called I lost focus and spilled all over me... but I did pretty good after that.

I also tried eating my cereal snacks with my spoon (used to beat on pots to make lots of noise!). I failed with the cereal thing. Mommy got me yogurt instead. I have to say that I totally rocked it!

But I eventually got bored and realized that I could be much more efficient with the trusty old fingers.

Oooh... thats kinda scary.


Grandma Aileen said...

Hey, did you hear her say YUM!

Dad/Lynn said...

Food can be fun (and it can taste good too)! Keep practicing and soon you won't spill very much at all...