Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Merry Merry

I didn't end up helping to decorate the tree. I did help de-decorate it. There was a line where the ornaments suddenly disappeared. Gee... I wonder who took them... he hee.

So after I took all the bows off of the gifts, I got to play with actual gifts. I had fun climbing up and down this box. I got stuck on top a couple of times, but eventually I got down.

I got a new hat from one of Mommy's cousins. I think the hat was actually for Mommy but it looked much cuter on me.

Auntie Ea got me an Adidas warm up outfit. I also got to steal Daddy's old cell phone - he got a new one for Christmas (a free gift from Verizon). Together, the cell phone and the warm up outfit made me look like we still lived south of Boston. Yep... I joined the Boston (Irish or Italian) Mob.

One thing you gotta learn if you're going to be Irish, or Italian for that matter - football, european style. Daddy got me a midget sized soccer ball. I like to run around the house yelling "ball, ball" and chase my very own soccer ball. We tried playing outside but it was a bit cold & windy outside and the grass was long. I sat down in protest of the poor soccer conditions.

The last thing I have to share about Christmas is actually a present to the Poehls family. In honor of my first Christmas where I can actually do something, I learned a Poehls family tradition - eating the black olive. Auntie Kristy, are you proud?


Grandma Aileen said...

A true member of the Poehls family instinctively knows how to eat olives off your fingers!

Looks like there were lots of neat presents and your new camera makes great movies!

Baby Gray said...

What an awesome ball! I'm sure you'll rock the soccer pitch sooner than your parents are ready for!

Auntie Lisa said...

Glad you inherited such an important Poehls trait!! (It's better than inheriting the Poehls' ears) We're proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Go Dahlia! The next tradition will be balancing the spoon on your nose!

Auntie Jan

Dad/Lynn said...

You had quite a second Christmas and your ability to "talk" is so much better than last year. I can see that soccer is becoming a major part of your development -- keep it up and the next step will be the US National team.