Monday, April 20, 2009


Grandma Lily came to visit right before Easter. We had hung out together all week and went to the zoo too. But mommy didn't download grandma's pictures... so this is a boring post. No worries though. We'll see Grandma again soon at Auntie Ea's wedding!

The weekend before Easter, Mommy's friend from college and her family came to visit from California... its been a busy Spring! I got to have my first repeat 'play date'. Sad huh? Kinda like having lots of first dates but no second ones. I guess it helps to have play dates with people in the same state, better yet, same zipcode. I met Alexandra last summer when Mommy and I went to Los Angeles.

We had a lot of fun playing together.... though Alex pushed me around a bit.

We went to the playground at the end of the street and I realized how much fun slides can be!! Its a good thing I've got my own now. :-)

Apparently, Alex's mom did a better job taking pictures cuz there's tons of cute ones on Alex's webpage. The link is on the right under 'More Babies' Alexandra Lindsay Shinn.

Hopefully, we'll have a THIRD play date some time!


Dad/Lynn said...

Having "push you around" can be good or it can be bad -- for now, enjoy it!

Dalton Wyatt Gray said...

Mommy, Daddy, and I will be out in Maryland sometime in October. Mommy says its not super close, but a lot closer than California!