Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wait... there's more

Welcome Ava Tahirih Sicolo... who arrived at 5:05pm April 10th. Congrats to Anita and Steven... and to their families (whom I know are way too excited about their first grandkid). Lots o' love.

And we're still waiting for a couple more this round... and then round two in July!


The Tafts said...

Isn't it crazy how many people we know are having babies right now. It seems like a baby boom, but I suppose it may just be that we're in that part of our lives when everyone we know has babies (like when we all got married in a clump 3-4 years ago).

Grandma Aileen said...

I'm sure the "aliens" planted a seed in the minds of all Diane's friends that NOW was the time to procreate... and you wanted to have something to celebrate in April besides filing your taxes!