Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today was Easter... I think Mommy and Daddy finally agreed that Easter was the day that some guy named Jesus came back from the dead. That seems strange to me. What it really meant was my first easter egg hunt. I found 4 eggs before I got distracted by the neighbor's doggies.

So I took a break. It worked out well. Mommy and Daddy were too cheap to get me anything but the plastic easter eggs... but the neighbors gave me an easter present. My very own slide!! I've almost mastered it... I just can't seem to get from the ladder to the right way down the slide. One time I went head first by accident.

After a while on the slide, I went back to finding eggs. I got all dozen eggs (much to Daddy's surprise)!


Dad/Lynn said...

Just a couple of things to learn and you will be ready for a "big time" slide -- keep up the good work!!!

Grandma Aileen said...

Ask you Mommy about climbing. She would climb anything! Good thing those eggs were plastic.. when they start getting hidden in the "hard" places they show up at the weirdest times.

anne said...

I love the video! You are quite adorable Miss Dahlia.

Carly said...

Oh that video was SO CUTE. she's Huge!!