Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Eastern Shore - Assateague Island

Leave it to me to go to the beach and find pine cones. Leave it to Mommy to have a camera with no batteries when we go to see the wild horsies on Assateague Island. So all of the cool things that we saw on the north side of the island weren't captured 'on film'. Like me petting a horseshoe crab and conchs, the first herd of horses we saw ... after the thunderstorm passed by. Luckily, she did remember to bring the battery charger, so we have pictures of the south side of the island - including my pine cone.

I found the pine cone on our walk to see the lighthouse. It was TALL!!

Daddy and I went up (read Daddy carried me up) over 200 steps to the top of the lighthouse. I refused to go outside though... it was too windy! The lady at the top gave me a sticker.

Finally we got to see more horsies. Much more interesting than lighthouses. We spotted the horsies out on the marsh and then came right up to our car!

Some were white, some were brown, some were mixed.

One even posed with the lighthouse in the distance... just for G'pa Kenny.

My favorite horsey was the baby horse. The rangers said he was only about a week old!!

After a while too many other people crowded our horsies. There was a pretty good traffic jam. So we headed of to take a walk around a different marsh. No horsies but lots of birds.

Including a family of geese with 3 goslings. (Just like in my Gossie book! Well minus the red boots.) Can you spot them in the picture?

It was a fun long weekend - pool, beach, horsies, birdies and a lighthouse - what more could a girl want?


Grandpa Jim/Nana Lynn said...

What a fun time! All those things that you read about in your books were right there in "the flesh" for you to see and experience -- wow!!!

Dalton Wyatt Gray said...

Mommy now wants to take me here. Not just horsies but birdies?! She says those are her favorites. I think she's nuts. Things with fur are so much cuter. However, anywhere with water is ok with me.