Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Official Weigh In

Lastest rounds of shots and measurements are done. The official numbers are:
16 lbs 1 oz
2' 2.5"
Basically that translates, to tall and slim (not skinny... a healthy fit weight). Thats not good for Daddy.

Here's just some pictures of me laughing and smiling - generally looking cute.

Currently, my favorite toy is a hanger. Its easy to hold and chew on. The next best thing is a spoon. So much for all of the expensive toys. Soon I'll like Mommy & Daddy's favorite toy as a kid - a big box!

I now fit into a lot of my dresses, just in time for it to be REALLY REALLY hot! I had a pretty grey one on in the pictures above. Here is my most girlie girl dress. I couldn't figure out if I hated it or not. Then I figure, you just have to laugh at how precious it is! Daddy decided to hate it. :-)


RGW said...

Very cute - looks like she's posing for that first one!

Anonymous said...

My Goodness! She actually is starting to look (and dress) like a girl -- fabulous!!!

Dad & Lynn said...

Oops! "Anonymous" was really us and she is getting cuter by the day.

Grandma Aileen said...

I have to remember how to make those snap bows to put in baby's hair. Di never had enough to use them on, but Dahlia sure does. That would really make her look like a girl!

Ernesto said...

Wow, Cambria MUST be a big girl then. Her official weigh in was on the 10th and she was at 2'3" and weighed in at 17lbs 4oz. I guess we just breed large ones here:)