Saturday, June 21, 2008

Chow Time

I got some great 6 month b-day presents. Look I have a hippie dress! I also got lots of other cute clothes. I got this too - a high chair!

I really liked the box. I thought it was appropriate to eat it, since afterall, a high chair is for eating. I could hold the whole box all by myself (even though it was a little bigger than me).

We had our first family dinner with everyone sitting at the dining room table. Just like a real family.

I got a sippy cup too. I haven't figured out what it does, but I sure like to chew on it. And it even looks like I'm drinking out of it!

I do know what to do with big glasses though! I love getting a little juice out of Mommy & Daddy's glasses. I need help though. Otherwise I'd have juice all over me (and sometimes I still spill a little - I get a little too excited and knock the cup.)

Thats all for now folks. Thanks for reading my life-story (aka blog).

I'm learning how to curtsy.


Dad & Lynn said...

Boxes are good and the curtsy dress is fabulous! Dinner at the table -- wow!!!

anna said...

I think pink dresses suit you! I do think you should wear them every day! Well maybe some days you can wear purple dresses. But pink dresses most days!
Sending you hugs from China!