Friday, August 8, 2008

Brief Update

We've been BUSY! This will be brief, until our many visitors are gone and Mommy gets a chance to get pictures etc together. I've been working hard on my crawling and by the time Grandma Aileen got here, I could make it all the way across the living room! I'm pretty quick now - which means that I can get into trouble quicker. :-)

Grandma Aileen convinced Mommy to let me try Cheerios! Yummy, yummy, yummy! I took me a day to figure out that its easier to use both your pointer finger and thumb - instead of just poking at it with the pointer finger. Now I'm a pro and only drop less than 5% (yes I know percentages!) of my Cheerios. Now if I could only master picking up pieces of peach... they just slip right out of my grasp!

I got 2 days to hang out with just Mommy & Daddy and then Aunti Ea and Grandma Lily came to visit - they're still here. Like I said... busy busy. Yesterday we went to the Baltimore Aquarium. I saw tons of fishes though I couldn't figure out how to use my newly mastered pincher grip to catch them. I also got to people watch. It really was a toss up as to what was 'on display' - fish or people? Today we're going into the city to people watch some more. I think Grandma wants to look at things hanging on the wall... but I'll be on the look out for kids to play with! Tomorrow... the zoo!


Dad/Lynn said...

The aquarium had to be exciting and the zoo sounds really great -- enjoy it!!!

Ernesto Manon said...

If she is moving as fast as Cambria is now. You better be careful. Cambria how found that things that she shouldn't be touching are the things she wants to touch the most.

Grandma Aileen said...

I call what Dahlia's been doing "finger walking"... holding onto your fingers while she learns to move her legs! Now when she learns to stand up on her own, she'll have it all figured out! Then watch out, she'll be all over the house.