Sunday, August 24, 2008

We're back!

Some of you seemed to have noticed a lack of postings recently. Well, we were busy, busy and then gone. We went to Trinidad and Tobago for Clare and Charlie's wedding (Mom's friends from grad school) and then for some rest and relaxation. It was my first international trip! I did my best to make sure that Mommy & Daddy didn't get too much R&R - they had to entertain me!

There's a lot to update you on... so we'll start slow with an overview and then add more over the week with details and more pix (kinda like for the visit to LA).

Clare was beautiful. I couldn't stop staring. She had sparklies all over her dress and even on her face - ooooh... shiny things to put in my mouth!! Charlie looked very handsome.

After a couple of days in Trinidad for the wedding, we took a 25 min flight to Tobago. We stayed in a small fishing village called Castara. My favorite things about Castara were the doggies everywhere, the roosters, and playing in the ocean!

Daddy and me on top of a hill with Castara Bay in the background.


Dad/Lynn said...

My goodness, you are getting big!!! I hope you enjoyed your overseas adventure -- it looked like you were...

Grandma Aileen said...

Graduating to different consonants.. what about her VOWELS? I'm sure the animals on Tobago were much better (and closer) than anything in a zoo!

She'll be grabbing all the things off tabletops soon!