Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lily & Ea

Before we left for T&T, I tortured Grandma Lily and Auntie Ea for a while... and then I remembered that I'm supposed to like my family. Oops. :-) The experts agree that I'm allowed to act like this though... its called 'stranger anxiety'. After a few days of crying, I settled in for some fun. Daddy took part of a day off and we all (except Mommy) hung out downtown.

I practiced my pincher grip and got really good at eating cereal, and then peas and pieces of fruit. It makes Daddy really nervous that I'm going to choke. I don't know why he's worried! I only cough and choke when I'm too tired to remember how to chew - usually every morning at breakfast after I wake up. I'm NOT a morning person!

I'm a proficient crawler now. I can even crawl over my toys - before I tripped over my duckie and face planted into the floor. I look less like a crab or spider than I did before. However, I still have my own unique style.... it would be boring if I did it the way everyone ELSE did it. Sometimes I pretend to be a sea captain and crawl with one straight leg (peg leg) and one bent one (normal). Other times I like to stick my butt up in the air as high as I can get it and 'crawl'.... there's was some Discovery channel documentary on grown ups that 'walk' like that - the "hand-walkers". I don't know what was so special about them. Its easy to stick your butt up in the air!

I don't want to toot my own horn too much, but I've become such a good crawler... I'm pretty much done with it. I want to stand and walk!

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Dad/Lynn said...

Wait until we get there in two weeks and then you can stand on your own and walk (alright, walk when you want to)...