Friday, August 29, 2008


Clare & Charlie's Wedding - my first wedding

I went to my first wedding in Trinidad, and I have to say that for me, it was all about the entrance. A caravan pulled up in front of the hotel to pick up Clare. The lead car had two loud huge speakers blaring Indian music.

The next car was for the wedding party. It had flowers and saris and who knows what else covering it.

The door opened and out popped Charlie with a huge grin on his face to get Clare.

We joined in the caravan down the streets of Trincity towards the reception site - next to the Trinidad & Tobabgo FIFA-approved National Field. The music kept playing and people were honking and shouting out of their windows.

The noise didn't end there. The wedding party entered to the fast beat of drums and got everyone up and moving their rear end.

Daddy introduced me to a new friend on the dance floor. I didn't dance for very long. Even though the music was really loud, I was passed out in Daddy's arms by 9 o'clock. Someday I'll make it through the whole party... I did wake up again at 1am in the hotel. Does that count?


Dad/Lynn said...

Sounds like a great party and you made it all the way to 9:00 pm -- I am impressed!!!

Grandma Aileen said...

Catching up on sleep from your flight down is very important. You need to listen to Mommy and Daddy and go to sleep when they say to so you don't miss fun things like this! International travel is harder than flying to Cali.