Monday, November 19, 2007

The Disappearing Button

I had been hoping for months that I wouldn't loose my cute 'inny' belly button. Well, it has slowly disappeared and now is gone. I have no belly button, its neither an 'inny' or an 'outy'. The belly is just too big now. The belly button can't fight against the growing orb. All that is left is a flat, dark spot where there was once a cute little belly button.

And I can't fight the urges to be domestic... well sometimes. Dan cut off my feet in the picture - but here I am - barefoot (well socks only, it was cold) and pregnant in the kitchen. The belly is just taking over everything. I think I am now bigger from front to back than I am from side to side. The maternity clothes even are starting to be too small! Less than 1 month left till the due date.


ekapooki said...

I LOVE the sea animal theme! I'm a sucker for IKEA sea creatures myself...I bought 20 sharks for my class just b/c i couldn't resist and i needed to buy something from there!

You guys seem ready for a BABY!

RGW said...

Love the nursery, your looking just about ready to pop there so good to get it ready! Hopefully the belly button will come back someday!


Mom said...

Waddling yet? That's one of those signs that the baby is getting ready. Well you got a lot bigger than when you were just plumpy .. not too much longer to go!

Leslie said...

you'll have to teach me about maternity clothes...we finally started trying last week on our cruise! :)