Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Maternal Instincts

I hope that my maternal instincts are better at night than my regular instincts. Evolution should have made me more aware of the car that exploded two houses down, but instead I slept. Poor Dan came home late from a soccer game to two ambulances and a fire truck in front of our house. He ran upstairs to make sure I was okay. I was fine - sleeping away. I didn't notice a thing. I didn't hear the car alarm... then the explosion... then the fire trucks pull up to put out the flaming car. Oops. Hopefully, evolution will have equipped me to hear my baby in the next room and actually wake up!

FYI no one was hurt in the explosion.


Leslie said...

it'll happen. my husband still doesn't wake up when his daughter has nightmares. i'm the one who hears her and has to get up. go figure. stupid evolution. :)

anne said...

so...why did the car explode, again?

Mom said...

Your maternal instincts are better than you think! Neither you nor the baby was in danger... Just wait until you bond, you will be "tuned in" to your child's needs.

Clay said...


Yea, that instinct will come. What you must learn though is pretend to sleep through some of crying so that Dan has to get up and deal with it.