Monday, November 26, 2007

New Additions

There are a couple of new additions to the nursery. After hours and hours of searching toy, boating, hardware, department (e.g. Target, etc), arts & crafts and every other type of store to find a 'fish' net, we found a suitable net at The Container Store. Why The Container Store has nets is beyond me, but I was just happy to stop walking around.

The fishy bookcases were delayed due to a lazy mom (me). There was finally a nice day with weather in the 70s, so I headed to the garage and finished up the fish... well at least these two. I still have 1 more planned - an orange pint size one for below these two - to complete the family. Chicken Little is the first and only book in the nursery bookcases right now.


Mom said...

Dad says that he would have glued a block in the dorsal fin and head corners and drilled through that to the wall to hold up your cute fishy shelves. Do you want me to box up your kid books from the attic and send them your way? What about curtains?

Clay said...

These are too cute!

Auntie Jan (soon to be Great-Auntie!)

ekapooki said...

CHICKEN LITTLE IS THE ONLY BOOK YOU HAVE! The teacher in me cannot allow that. Be ready to be inundated with good children's books!

PS - The shelves are adorable! I cannot believe your creativity!