Saturday, November 3, 2007

In utero

Baby Adams as of July 24th. Just like his/her father and grandfather, the baby was not cooperative when it came to getting a picture taken. At times, he/she even covered her/his face with one or both arms. We could see all 4 valves of the heart, but the baby didn't seem to want to let us determine the sex or getting good pictures of the face. These were the best two (only) pictures. Attempts for a fancy 3D picture looked more like an alien than a baby.

We still don't know the gender of the baby and probably won't find out until its born. Feel free to vote in our poll (to the right).


Anonymous said...

Hey Diane! Best of luck to you and husband. I voted girl ... cuz that's my preference ... no scientific evaluation done. I see she's due December 18th which would make her a Sagitarrius and a very gregarious/outgoing traveler. So much fun!

MaryAnn Lucas (former WHOI Women's Committee member)

Mom said...

If you are lucky this is not a precedent for future behaviour once out into this big wide world.