Monday, November 19, 2007

A place for the little one

With only a few weeks left to go, we finally started to get the nursery together. Originality was not really on the menu... we went for a sea life theme. Very creative for a marine biologist, I know. I just couldn't resist the cute and very cheap sea creatures at IKEA. How can you say no to a bright orange pelican hamper (currently eating a fish rattle) for under $5? So its bright and cheery, though the walls are still a little bare. I'm sure once the baby and all the grandparents arrive the room will fill up quickly.

We were cheap, but adventurous when it came to the changing table. We built our own. We now know too much about anchors for hollow walls. And Dan painted for the first time. Now we just need a changing pad and all of the various ointments, powders, and other goo that goes on the baby's bottom.

We're getting there, slowly but surely. Thanks to Jim for the glider and to the WHOI gals for pitching in for the crib. It would go faster if I didn't sit down in the glider all of the time. It's just too comfy. At least the nursery is ready enough in case someone is feeling anxious to join the outside world... though why would anyone want to leave a warm swimming pool for the cold east coast fall and winter before they had to?

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ekapooki said...

what did daniel paint? daniel painted something? i just don't understand when you wrote "daniel painted". that doesn't make sense to me :-)