Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I have good news! My gunky eye is no longer gunky! Yeah!! I don't know if Dr. Anita did something or L.A. smog cured it or just 'time'... but its all better! Now people will stop looking at me funny and running away. It wasn't pink eye people! Not contagious! I just had a clogged tear duct. Oh well.

I am a little worried about something though. Mommy & Daddy always told me that my eye was fine and that it made me 'special'. Does that mean that I'm not special any more? :-( I've still got my funky toes (see April 13th's post). Does that count?

Other than that, nothing much going on here. I have my last swim class on Thursday. Mommy hasn't drowned me yet. Daddy's going to take me to the last one though... we'll see how that goes. I've been getting better at swimming... when I actually concentrate and don't just watch the other kids. I even blew bubbles today... multiple times... and then drank some water. Icky!! But the teacher was very proud of my bubbles. (She doesn't know that I blow bubbles in Mommy's juice all the time! He hee.)

Next post I'll try to convince Mommy & Daddy to take some pictures. I hear Grandma Aileen is coming to visit soon... and then Grandma Lily and Auntie Ea too! And after that we're going somewhere far away again - T&T? Don't know what it means but Mommy & Daddy are pretty excited.


Missaghiah Yaganagi said...

Dahlia I have enjoyed looking at all your pictures, you are adorable. I am also glad to hear your eye is better, tell mommy that time heals everything. You know I going into your blog practically everyday day to see what you have to say!!!

Dad & Lynn said...

Eyes better -- swimming good -- trip to Trinidad even better. Enjoy all of it.