Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pool Party!!

My Auntie Jan threw me a 'Welcome to the Family' pool party on Sunday afternoon... it was my second party for the day. I'm such a popular girl... in California. At least there are people who love me somewhere. Too bad they're not closer to me in D.C. Though they'd all say, too bad I'm not in Cali! Mommy & Daddy say we're too poor to live in Cali. I can hope and pray that one day we'll be rich, but I'm not holding my breath since they're both scientists - smart but not very well paid.

I went in the pool - for the first time. After all, it was a pool party! I played motorboat with Auntie Jan and Auntie Kristy and generally splashed around. I'm going to be way ahead of the class for my first swim lesson on Tuesday. I'm not sure I love swimming, but I didn't hate it... so I figure I'm well on my way to beating Phelps in the 2028 Olympics (he should be old by then... he hee.)

Then I got to open presents. This is the production for just one of my presents. The bow came off the box and immediately into my mouth. Mommy decided it was safer and cuter on my head. I, personally, preferred the ribbon. It wasn't sticky in my hair. I already went through a balding period, I didn't need more of my hair lost to a silly bow. What we sacrifice to be cute.

As it turned out there was a hat (and a dress) in the box. I decided that I'm not a fan of berets. My cousin looked much better in it that me. I guess Paris isn't in my future - no froggy hats for me! - back to the bows.

I did like this bottle of wine - made by the company Dahlia. Some was mumbling something about age-appropriate gifts... good thing I don't know what that means... because I was ready to start sucking on that bottle.

Instead, I got a taste of my first cake. You can't read it (and well, honestly, neither can I), but one of my aunties told me that it said 'Welcome Dahlia'. It felt funny when the white stuff squished in my fingers. I didn't get a good taste though. They cleaned me up before I successfully got some INTO my mouth. I managed to get it all over my mouth, but not really in it. If Daddy where there, it would have been all over my face, and hair, and clothes... Daddy likes cake fights.

After the desserts (there were mini-cheesecakes, brownies, etc), we headed back to grandma & grandpa's house. I slept the whole way there. The next morning, I also slept through half of the flight back home. I didn't like the last hour of the flight. My ears kept hurting and I wanted to move around. Though there was a good roller coaster ride for a little while. That was fun. It was so bumpy that I almost hit my head on the cabin ceiling. We got back home safe and sound. I think it will take me a good week to recover from all the excitement. Then I'll get back to learning how to crawl and looking cute in all of my new clothes! Thanks everyone for the presents and for just having fun with me! It was great to meet you. Sorry I got cranky sometimes.


Dad * Lynn said...

Swimming topless -- Maybe she is French! Would have loved to have been there. I guess we get our chance in September.

Grandma Aileen said...

That's beret. I still have Diane's purple one from our trip to NYC when she was 10. It was handy in the cold, but she lost interest back in Cali where it was not 'cool'...

Rebecca said...

Brian and I were so glad we got to meet Dahlia (and see you). She is even cuter than the pictures!