Monday, September 1, 2008

Search for the Scarlet Ibis

We did a little sight seeing in Trinidad at the Bird Sanctuary - a huge area of mangroves where the national bird the scarlet ibis roosts and feeds. I got to go on my first boat ride. Its sounded a lot funner than it was. I could see lots of water but wasn't allowed to play in it! Boo!

Mommy got to play in the mangrove trees with the crabs, rats and snakes. Why couldn't I play in the water?

After a bit of pouting, we finally saw a good flock of scarlet ibis. They were crazy red. If you blow up the picture below really big, you can see the flock in the center. I guess it was one of those things that was better when you were there... though I honestly didn't think it was that cool when I was there either. The big people seemed to like it well enough though.

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Dad/Lynn said...

Ibises, snakes, crabs -- all in the swamps; you must have had another great adventure!