Wednesday, September 10, 2008

After shock

As in most tectonic events, the pressure release from one event can cause increased pressure elsewhere... and you get an aftershock. In this case, I got a second tooth! Things come in pairs. The second tooth was much less painful... (or Mommy & Daddy weren't around when it came through, so we didn't hear the screaming).

On a different note: My grade in 'plays well with others' has improved. After being a cranky-puss with Grandma Lily and Auntie Ea, I decided to be nice to Grandpa Jim and Nana Lynn. We'll try to get some pictures of us playing up soon.


Grandma Aileen said...

Glad to hear you're having fun with your grandparents (or is it the other way 'round?)

Dad/Lynn said...

Grandparents almost always have more fun than Dahlia (almost). The tooth "eruption" was a very easy milestone -- no big deal, it just made it easier for her to chew her Kix.