Monday, September 1, 2008


Next went to Tobago. That was another airport adventure. There are three planes that fly between Trinidad and Tobago. When we wanted to go... they had one. So after a pleasant 5 hour delay at the airport hanging out with Clare's family, we made it to Tobago and then along windy roads to Castara. It was a relaxing, little fishing village. Yet it was well supplied with a "supermarket" to buy diapers, a couple of decent restaurants, and a great beach with clear turquoise waters.

Mommy & Daddy spent a lot of time reading on the porch over looking the beach. I played in the room and on the porch.

It gave me a lot of time to practice my crawling and standing skills. I stood up by myself for the first time using the lounge chairs on the deck. I even got to 'free-range' as a naked baby for a while.

It was a nice little peaceful village tucked in the bay... well peaceful except for the rooster at 4 in the morning, the rain on the roof, and me! It would have been perfect with some A/C (or cooler temps) and fewer bugs.

(view from our porch)

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Dad/Lynn said...

It looks like you are ALMOST ready to stand up and walk -- keep it up!!!