Monday, September 8, 2008

Recent eruption

I have to interrupt my Tobago trip (sorry for the post delays... Mommy's computer had a virus - Daddy blamed it on me) for this news flash.

I got my first tooth Saturday night/Sunday morning!! Its not much of a tooth yet but its through the gums. This leads me to deep contemplation about the world. I'm not old enough to have heard much of the creationism vs evolution debate - or to understand what I have heard... but I now have a life experience that says both must be wrong! Why would God torture innocent babies (aka ME) with a sharp object boring through their gums?!? It was a couple months of mild pain followed by a couple hours of PAIN in the middle of the night (Mommy & Daddy loved that too). What did I do? Creationism must be wrong, or God must be the same as the devil. That brings us to evolution... there must be a better way. If evolution worked, I wouldn't be getting one tooth at an agonising time. What am I going to do with one tooth?! One tooth is pretty useless. Two is better but still not great - especially if they're two next to each other, like my friend Adam. So my conclusion is that evolution must not be right either. Anyone have another alternative?


dad/lynn said...

You will soon learn the old adage, "we have met the enemy and they is us".

Grandma Aileen said...

No pain, no gain!

Cold chewing toys help numb this