Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Play Date

This weekend was so exciting. After we went to the zoo on Saturday, G'pa and Nana Adams went back to California and I went to my first ever play date. I met lots of new friends that represented a lot of different countries. I thought I was starting to understand what Mommy & Daddy say... but I didn't understand some of what was said at the play date. There was Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic and even Farsi being spoken. It was quite the UN of babies. Who knew the UN could be so fun... though there were issues with some people (me included) learning to share... hey... just like the UN!


Dad/Lynn said...

Maybe Dahlia can be a future UN Ambassador with all this experience she is gaining.

Grandma Aileen said...

What great toys! She'll learn that play includes give and take with other kids. What a great experience!

RGW said...

Hey Baby Adams, where did you go? It's October already and as much as I love re-reading the UN of babies, it's time for some new fun stuff.....:0)