Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day Trip: North

We took a day trip to the north side of the island. Castara is about half way up or down the island (the airport is in the south). We stopped in Speyside for lunch, to take a glass bottom boat tour, and to ask about diving... like I'd ever let Mommy & Daddy leave me for a couple of hours to go diving! Speyside was supposed to have great diving though. (Note from Mom: May be we'll end up back here some day... without the kid(s) or when they're old enough to dive themselves.) It was a nice little town, but we all agreed that Castara was better.

Speyside had a couple of islands in the bay (where the diving was good), but the beach was icky. I liked the beach well enough - there was a big pack of doggies to look at.

Even better than the doggies, a herd of goats came by! I couldn't decide watch to look at!

Even though the beaches weren't great and we missed the glass bottom boat tour, we did find some great views of nearby bays, beaches, and the rainforest.

(view of Charlotteville - the big expensive yachts are hidden by the trees.)


Dad/Lynn said...

Maybe some day you will have a big, expensive yacht and plenty of your own goats to watch.

Grandma Aileen said...

Those swim lessons should have worked so Mom and Dad could go diving, no?